New Ak iLL Video Coming Soon!


A Universe City Press production…
Written and Produced by Ak iLL
Shot and Edited by CamCamTV
Location: Sligo Creek Parkway

I wrote this track over a year ago to a beat that was lost in a hard drive crash. Made the beat over 10 years ago. Found it one day diggin in the crates. Resurrected it, flipped it a bit, and decided to put the two together. The result was more than I could have hoped for. It just clicked…truly a Go Back track.

A huge shout out to Cameron ‘Telepathy’ Ross at CamCamTV for wanting to bring this joint to life through video, and for diggin this track as much as I do. CamCam always got visuals that supplement the track with the perfect vibe. Truly grateful for your support. Always a pleasure fam! You can check out more of our collabs here.

I hope you all enjoy. Please take a second to peep the song and download it now on UP’s Soundcloud here.

Thanks in advance for the shares!

And thanks, as always, for the continued support!

Peace and one love,


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